Waterside Wildlife, Flora & Fauna

We have over 220 National Nature Reserves (NNRs) in the UK, these are places where wildlife comes first.  Coastal salt-marshes, dunes and cliffs to downlands, meadows, woodland, chalk downs, lowland heaths and bogs and estuaries are all conserved in NNRs.  Rare flowers, ferns and mosses, butterflies and other insects, and of course nesting and wintering birds can all be found in these reserves.  

If you have any photographs of wildlife, birds, flowers, plants or trees,  we would be very pleased to display them on this site.  Please login to submit photograhs along with a title and if you wish your name.  If your file is too big and you are unable to resize, please forward to admin@watersideleisure.com and we will be happy to do this and upload the picture for you.


  • Black Swan at Salhouse Broad, Norfolk.
  • Coot.

Noisy and bad-tempered! The coot is largely black all over, has a white bill and forehead which helps to distinguish it from its smaller cousin the moorhen.
  • mute swan.
  • Yellow Iris.
  • Seals at Horsey Mere, Norfolk Coast
  • Crested Grebe
  • Kingfisher
  • Otters, now returning and often seen on the Norfolk Broads