French Canals

The french canal waterways network, natural and man-made, is the largest in Europe extending to over 5,300 miles (8,500 kilometres).  It runs from Dunkerque in the north right down to Narbonne in the south where eventually it meets the mediteranean sea. 

The country is criss crossed with rivers and canals making it ideal for large commercial barges or PĂ©niches as they are known in France, to carry huge cargoes such as aggregates
of up to 500 tonnes.

The french canals and rivers are also very popular with pleasure craft both privately owned and from hire base operators. 

Please visit our comprehensive and informative Blog covering the journey through the french canals from Nieuwpoort in Belgium, via Dunkerque down to the south west of France near Sete.

  • Aigues Mortes, France
  • Beautiful French canals
  • Canal Du Midi, France.
  • Canal du Midi.
  • French round locks.
  • Frontignan Plage.
  • Mist on Canal du Lateral, France.
  • Palavas Les Flots, France.
  • Port Arianne, Lattes.
  • Sunset at Grau Du Roi, France.
  • Tunnel on Canal du Midi, France.
  • Villeneuve, France.
  • Camargue Horses
  • Lock Keepers Cottage
  • Loco Boat Base, Lattes
  • Etang Du Thau at dawn
  • Etang Du Thau at dawn in September
  • Traditional wooden cruiser