Charter Hotel Boat 'Willow'

Hotel boat 'Willow' is a fully licensed hotel narrowboat, providing a true private charter service, cruising the English canal system.

If you holiday with us, you will be exclusively chartering Willow, along with your crew and hosts.  There will be no other guests aboard. Whatever the charter option, the accommodation is fully en-suite with a full-board (all meals included) tariff - there are no hidden extras.

This ‘Private Charter’ service is a very different service to traditional Hotel Narrowboating.  Different because, rather than inviting customers to join a pre-defined cruise, we design each cruise to each client's own private requirements - whether the cruise charter is a full holiday, a relaxing short break, or a narrowboat handling and consultancy cruise.

One of the advantages of our service being private charter is that a particular cruise can be anything from 3 to 14 days in duration.  Often we are building full blown holidays for clients - but equally we can, and will, provide just a short break cruise of 3 days duration.

Short breaks are booked in just exactly the same way as longer cruises.  We have a deliberate policy of 'first come first served' with our bookings - ie we won't exclude a short break in the summer season just because we might get a longer more lucrative charter option.  And the daily rate - even in mid summer - is just the same as any of the rest of our cruises

We are very serious in our desire to provide a genuine private charter service,.so why not contact us to chat about organizing that short break - it might cost you a lot less than you think.